Golf Collar Stays

Finally, Solve The #1 Problem With All Golf and Polo Shirts…

Start wearing the Polo’s you’ve had hidden in the closet for months or years due to collar curl.

What is the #1 problem with all collard Golf and Polo Shirts? It’s the problem that every golf and polo shirt has at some point during its life span…Collar Curl. As a result, every golfer and Polo shirt Enthusiast on the planet has a closet full of shirts with curled collar.

In today’s world image is everything. Looking good on the golf course can be just as important as looking good in a business meeting. However, when the collar of a shirt is curled this is practically impossible. And the more popular that casual business meetings become the more the dreaded collar curl is a nuisance. The fact is that nothing does more damage to your look than a curled collar. But now you can stop collar curl fast.

So what is the solution? Golf Collar Stays are an easy solution to fixing the nagging collar curl and revitalizing those old (and not so old) golf shirts. That’s because Golf Collar Stays are designed to make all of your shirts look great. In fact some collared shirts don’t make it past the first use before curling, but Golf Collar Stays will have you dusting off shirts that have been hidden in your closet for months.

GCS are easy to use and can be reused four to six times. They are used by golfers, business people and other polo shirt enthusiasts to solve the #1 problem with all golf shirts.

The application is simple and can be done prior to wearing the shirt with 5-10 seconds. Here’s the process:

Attention: Golf and Polo Shirt Enthusiasts

  • Peel paper backing from the collar stay.
  • Apply the sticky side 1/8 of an inch from the edge of the collar along the bottom.
  • Press firmly in place.
  • Remove the collar stay before washing or dry cleaning and save it to reapply

That’s it! It is literally that easy to have all of your golf and polo shirts look like they just came off of the rack every time you wear them.

One package of GCS contains 20 individual collar stays which is approximately 40-60 applications. Each application will give your shirt the crisp, curl free look that it needs.

…and here is the best part; the cost is only $21.95. Let me put that into perspective for you. If you were to have to go out and buy 50 new shirts it would approximately cost you $2,500!

To Order The Full Package of 20 Collar Stays For $21.95, Click Here

Look at some before and after pictures below and decide for yourself. Use Golf Collar Stays and get rid of collar curl forever.


To Order The Full Package of 20 Collar Stays For $21.95, Click Here

Thank you for visiting Golf Collar Stays. Never Experience Collar Curl Again!